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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Well, I know SOMETHING

My new employer requires a lot of stuff be done online before starting to meet accreditation standards. They told me that nearly all the OTs fail this one test, because it requires remembering things we often haven't had reason to think about since our boards. I very hesitantly took that test this afternoon and I am proud to say that I was one of the rare people to pass on the first try. It is amazing how good that was for my confidence.

I'm moving right along through the requirements. I have to send in one more set of papers via fax and I have to read the handbook and fill out another online form, but I can't get the handbook to open. So that has to wait until Monday.

I've spent today a little sick. We went out to eat at this new place last night and ordered fish sandwiches. They both were chewy and mine was a bit cold. The waitress asked about us not eating much and we showed her, not to complain, but because with it being a new place we figured the feedback was good. Well, turns out they had a new cook and when the head cook looked he told her not to charge us because the food was underdone. We'll just say my body apparently doesn't like raw fish. Surprise.

Tomorrow is my family reunion. It's a kind of weird thing; it's for my father's side of the family. My parents have been divorced for a long time and none of us have seen my father in 11 years (except my cousin who peeks in on him occasionally). Yet the reunion is at my mom's house. Obviously sides were taken in the divorce, and my father had done some truly terrible things, so it is not surprising nobody was on his side. But regardless this can be stressful because people talk about him and he's just not part of my life so it's weird. I'm also going to see cousins I haven't seen since 1994, and other distant relatives I have no memory of ever meeting. I think I have met them, but I was a toddler at the time. Well, I guess probably I also met them at my grandmother's funeral (the 1994 gathering), but that was pretty much a blur of pain. I also find this kind of thing stressful. I'm not comfortable with people, I don't handle noise well, and I'll be trapped inside all day because it's pretty much always too hot this time of year. So, hoping tomorrow passes fast. I'll enjoy seeing my cousins and my aunt. I just wish it were in a smaller group. But there isn't a small group when you have nearly my whole generation and most of the next one.

So, I'll probably not be on here tomorrow. We'll see.

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