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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My sad, sad day

Relative to most things, this isn't bad. Nonetheless, it's not been my day.

I woke up the morning and reached for my glasses, only to find they were broken. Badly. Beyond repair. The only spares I have are 2 or 3 prescriptions old. I wore them inside and prescription sunglasses for driving. My eyes are very, very tired.

I called my eye doctor to order new ones. The old ones were covered by warranty. This was good. I was very happy. I then went to Lenscrafters after work and spent a seeming fortune on a spare pair that actually lets me see. I like them, they'll be fine for a few weeks, but I didn't get the progressive lens or various other features I need for comfort routinely (my pupils are huge because I was born with large pupils and my meds dilate them further; they are so large I get dilated exams without dilation drops). I went for as cheap as possible. Yet I suspect I way overpaid, but I had no choice because I needed comfort ASAP. Then I got home and the eye doctor's office had called, and they discontinued my exact frame and so they ordered it in the only remaining color, brown. Mine were blue. I loved my blue glasses. I spent the whole day today thinking about how at least soon I'll have my blue ones back. Well, I won't. And if I don't like the brown I still have to use them at least for a while because the spares will make my eyes sore. I can do this for a while, not forever. My eyes are so, so tired right now.

And then I had the worst dinner ever. My local mall is small, and the food court is severely lacking in edible food. There is literally nothing that I'm willing to eat. So I went to the Chinese buffet. I've been there before and didn't like it, but could find a food or two I'd eat. It's been probably 3 years since I was there. It has become DISGUSTING. Most of the food was cold and very, very greasy. They seem to have given up on Chinese food, and now it's at least 50-50 really nasty and strange combinations of American food and Chinese food, probably more American than Chinese. Literally the Chicken and Broccoli is beside the pizza and meatballs in spaghetti sauce (no spaghetti visible). The garlic bread is beside the egg rolls. Random foods are spicy without warning. Pepper steak has never been spicy anywhere else I've had it. Nor has chicken and broccoli. I had one bite of this cold (shouldn't have been) chunk of some kind of fish in what I thought was white sauce but was really a cream sauce, with hot pepper flakes. It did not go together. The buffet's crowning glory though is a dish called Steak in A-1 Sauce. As it sounds, it is chunks of beef too cheap to be called steak of any sort, swimming in about half a gallon of A-1. I skiped that.

So, for supper I had a bunch of bites of nasty things, one unidentifiable cookie, a couple of mushy pieces of banana in strawberry pie filling, 2 crab rangoons, a few bites of various veggies swimming in Italian dressing (until I couldn't choke more down), and some chocolate pudding. And for that they charged $2 more than posted at the entry, plus a drink. Plus a tip, for the very weird staff that pretty much stared at you while you ate.

Can we say unfulfilling day???

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