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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Please, please note that this is not intended in any way to embarrass or upset anyone.  This is just my policy and since it came up I'm going to share.

MissBee posted recently about her new blog and would I read/promote it.  The answer is, no.  I will read it.  However, 2 years ago I got hurt very badly on the internet.  A woman posted a blog about her decision to carry to birth a baby who was diagnosed with fatal developmental issues.  She wrote a lovely blog.  She went from 0 to a zillion readers in no time.  And then the baby didn't come and didn't come.  It was born with few signs of the illnesses she had described.  And then things crumbled on the blog as people realized the miracle baby was a doll.  Nobody knows how much this woman earned from her little scam.  It was later found she was posting on any blog remotely related to dying babies or that was popular with Christian women and using false names to seek readers.  She had ads and people making donations and it was a wonderful scam.  She got away with it too, just to make it worse.  It hurt.  A lot.  So I don't trust blogs on face value anymore.

I am not accusing MissBee of anything and while I will read your blog when I have time this weekend I have not yet.  However, to earn my support I need several things:  1)  I need to know you.  Telling me you've read my posts but not referencing them in any way does not show me you have any idea what I've written.  I don't expect you to read 1500 posts, but show me you are reading and not just commenting on every blog that might get you traffic.  2)  You need to hang around here and participate for a while.  Again, I need to know you.  3)  You need to have an established blog.  I'm not telling people who come here because what I say somehow helps them to somewhere that I don't know just like I'm not going to recommend a dr. I don't know.

Again, this has nothing to do with this individual, and while i've probably offended you 20 ways MissBee I hope do stick around and see what's going on here, get to know me, and then I'll be happy to endorse you if I feel it's appropriate.  This just has to do with the ethics I use with blogging and Michal please comment and help explain the pain of the whole April Rose thing.  We made mistakes but the thing about mistakes is you learn to not pass them on.


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Anonymous said...

"April Rose" the plastic doll: Yes, the scam Jen describes was devastating to many. The only good thing is that we "met" each other due to our mutual involvement in supporting the "expectant mom," a scam artist who preyed on vulnerable people including bereaved parents. You can easily google this story and find out for yourself. Jen, the blog policies you described are sensible and wise. Michal