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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tired anyone?

I left the island where we stayed at 11:00 Thursday morning.  With a few stops along the way I left the Outer Banks about 3, with a Garmin-detour making me really leave at 4.  I don't know that I took the best route, so I drove another 6 hours that day, then 6 yesterday.  If took longer bit because I wanted to is left out then it really took me the same amount of time despite some weird choices by Garmin (I've now seen Duke University.  I'm not sure that would be considered a detour around cities, but whatever, especially since the way down I also had a 2.75 hour ferry ride that pretty much is the equivalent of my trip up the Outer Banks on Thursday.  Then I got my cats, drove home again, and eventually unloaded everything but my camera and drug things in.  I crashed and napped a few hours, then slept for the night early without meds.  I woke up about 8 and have napped briefly but honestly feel too tired to nap or anything else.  I have done very little today but cuddle with my (smelly) cats.  one of them is making me laugh.  He's big and doesn't fit most cat beds easily.  He also prefers to sleep on the other corner of my bed, which I thought was love for me until I realized it was really love for my weird lamp that does sunrise/sunset functions and emits a lot of heat.  Problem is that although I do no think I am allergic to my cats I shouldn't have the hair in my face.  So I bought him a small dog bed to have on "his side" of my bed and he absolutely loves it.  He also absolutely loves me for coming home and has rarely not been touching me since yesterday.  The other cat hasn't been very far away.  Frankly I wish they'd switch since she is less smelly.  I think tonight is going to have to be swipe the cats with a washcloth night.  I had upsetting them after a hard week but they smell horrible.  (Each had anesthesia for dental work.  I expect they peed while coming out of anesthesia and laid in it.  Which is gross when the cat comes home, but when they are moved back into a communal crate and remain in a confusing new environment I don't think they clean themselves as readily and this turns into Smelly Cats, My life versus Smelly Cat(s), the song.

As for the trip I was sad about one thing:  as you know I was a camp counselor at a camp for children and adults with special needs while in college, leading to my career decision.  One of my favorite parts of camp was waking to the sight of fog all over the mountains from the streams on the mountains.  Driving down I was in the mountains in the late evening then early morning and got to see lots of this.  Was I smart enough to take a picture?  No.  I hoped to get some on the way home but was simply too wiped out to get going early enough.

I can't believe vacation is over.  And not only is it over but that's pretty much it for this year because I have surgery in August that will take everything I accumulate by then and may take more depending on how they decide to sedate/anesthetize me.  Dr. Brain is advocating for me, but if I have to have a general then I will have to be off the MAOI for 5 days before, which means a gradual restart and an additional week off work to allow gradual re-introduction and adjustment as well as mood swing recovery along with surgical recovery. Some of my surgery is undecided based on the behavior of THE CYST and I am clueless about that.  I have pain every few weeks like clockwork but it seems less.  However I am not to be trusted about pain.  It may be less, I may be used to it, I may be in shutdown mode.  So I have no idea what happens there.  Hopefully I'll have some 3 day weekends later in the year but that will be about it.  So I'm sad for this to end, yet it was so wonderful.

Today however I feel drugged.  Very, very drugged.  Which si fine.

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