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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trauma and Compassion

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After my scary heavy period and feeling absolutely horrible I called to see my gynecologist yesterday.  They said she was booked and the only option was a man, was I ok with a man?  I told them I'd be ok but that I couldn't  have a pelvic done by a man.   So I  got there and was horrified when they told me I had to have a pelvic with the male dr.   I said no but he came in to talk, most of which involved trying to convince me that I should go to see a psychologist and get over my fear, and that all the tx plans in place aren't going to help anyway.  I think he was building up to telling me I need a hysterectomy.  Thankfully that's when the other dr. stopped him.  After a lot of discussion the very, very kind nurse got upset with the receptionist for doing that and tracked down my doctor who told her I should have been put on her schedule to begin with.  So I spent 30 minutes wearing a sheet and  being thankful for her.

She was so nice, never mad a fuss about my swollen red eyes, had a new plan to hopefully solve this all, and has carefully be sending everything to Dr. Brain for approval.  We discussed the narrow options when I can't have the standard treatments for cysts and that trying anything while I'm already knocked out makes more sense than repeating the process in a few months.  So, when I have my surgery I'll have general anesthesia.  Dr. Removal Guru will get the growth out and take biopsies if needed.  Dr. Gets It will do a quick test that gives her a look into my bladder for why I have blood my urine.  One of them will put in a mirena IUD which should slow or stop my periods over time.  This is contingent on Dr.Brain as we've always agreed no hormones period, but at this point I'd rather go through removing it than to not try and it's not easy to get int there in  my case unless I'm under.  I'll then have laparascopy with focus on the painful ovary, removal of same if warranted and assessment for endometriosis or any other cause of pain and extra blood loss.

All that is good.  The male doctor, he just was not getting it.  He was all fake supportiveness but I know the difference and this wasn't it.  He also was trying steer me away from the recommendations of 2 people who have actually opened my chart and that isn't right.   But I was so blessed that Dr. Gets It did comTe see me because I was otherwise going to have to go pay an ER copay when I could have had Dr. Body's partner, or even Dr. Body, do an exam.

So I had a rough day.  But it's over now and I am so, so happy about that.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a lot for which to be thankful so I join you in gratitude for the excellent and thorough care that you received. I think that the general sounds like a great thing under the various circumstances and I will pray that you are in a blissful dream during that extra hour of "rest." I had to have two of my three c-sections under general anesthesia. I was really upset when they decided to do that at the last moment due to concerns about giving me an epidural. They knew full well I had been diagnosed with MS a year earlier when my first son was a newborn so it didn't need to be a surprise when they already had me "powerless" in bed wearing the wonderful hospital nightie.

Oh my goodness, what am I talking about? I guess I lost perspective when I think about the medical marvels that were available to me. It's not like I was in a squalid hut somewhere. Emotionally, however, it was tough ahead of time but recovery was a breeze.

Can you pay special attention to building up the iron in your blood? Please keep taking good care of yourself, "Aunt Frog."

You're navigating all of this with impressive skill and fortitude.

Bless you, sweet "Aunt Frog" Jen! Michal

p.s. Isn't it cute the way toddling babies walk steadier when they're gripping something for extra confidence? I've even seen babies hanging on to their own ear for imaginary support. Your "cruiser" will soon leap from steadying herself on the furniture to the great adventure of WALKING! Amazing what happens in about a year, isn't it? She's a smart and delightful little one. I'm so happy for you!