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Friday, June 03, 2011

Diaper Genie

Something else I didn't mention about being an aunt: sometimes you get to look really cool. For a couple years now I've been using a natural product that is environmentally and socioeconomically friendly.  As my allergies have developed they have morphed into my chief cleaning agent, soap and even shampoo.  My niece is cloth diapered and has had an odor that has lingered.  Repeated "try what I use" has not had a result.  But on vacation my sister used my detergent and the odor is gone.  Hahahaha.

My niece has also always been a water fountain; she takes it in happily then it pours back out.  Using my swallowing therapy skills I suggested a straw and cup and now she consumes water.

I am home finally, worn out with a car to unload, and one ticked off cat and one who has been crying for the past 2 hours.  My Garmin freakishly predicted my arrival to the minute.  I'm still stunned by that.  My cats did ok at the vets; the sick one lost a litlte weight and the not sick one smells like he slept in pee, and neither is thrilled with me, but they've also had shots,physicials, and teeth cleanings, plus I'd guess they weren't fed per my instructions judging from what I got back, but I know they did get good care.

Man, that is a LONG drive though.

B, you are right, my sister's pregnancy was so hard for me.  I thought she'd never trust me with the baby, and that I would be excluded from her life.  I thought that all the hurts of the past were insurmountable.  I'm sure learning of the pregnancy within weeks of getting out of the hospital did not make it easier as I was so aware of the restrictions on my life as I adjusted to life with dietary restrictions and meds that can harm me and I was so incredibly anxious anyway.  I did very tearfully share my fears with my sister and also that I needed her to know I was hurting for myself but rejoicing for her as I had to face the reality for the first time that I would not have children and how desperately I wanted them.  This also included a weird discussion with Dr. Brain that I probably never wrote about, that although pregnancy would not be ideal for me if I was serious about wanting a baby and acted THEN she'd support me in becoming a single mother as long as I knew it would be extremely challenging and that I did not have much time left.  I suppose this would be because any pregnancy at this point would involve donor sperm and procedures, but I promised myself I would not be a bipolar parent before I even knew how serious this is, and while that's not a universal thing, for me it is right.  I also don't think the said procedures would be all that good for me.  So life will continue without kids.  And having that in my face was really hard especially because it felt like my sister, in not experiencing some of what I did and in not having it damage her life so badly because she didn't get the bipolar genes, was getting everything she wanted in life and I wasn't.  Being part of the difficult end to her pregnancy made me understand that every story has challenges involved and that life can hurt her too, in it's own ways.

I remember you as guessing so close to her name that I thought it was pretty much right on.  Which I"m still impressed by.  There aren't many little "Annes" out there........

I just caught my broken toe on a box on the floor.  it really does not feel good now.  i now need to drag in my stuff from the trip.  Ugh.  i did nap a few hours until my smelly cat felt he should lick me to show how glad he is to be home instead of that vet where did I know that he got shots, and anesthesia and his TEETH CLEANED????? How dare they......

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