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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

So many possible titles

  • Bak!Bak!Bak!
  • Is it April Fool's?
  • Really?  I mean, REAllY?
  • Haha, Dr. Body is funny
  • Guess what I didn't get for vacation?
  • The last straw:Revisited
Backstory:  The week I was forced to admit how serious/dangerous my asthma is I did some reading.  It's hard for me to find info on asthma that applies and is useful because of the complexities of my bipolar and because my asthma is atypical, probably because of it's cause, not that we know that yet.  I found something that said that if you had any childhood illnesses like chicken pox you were not sure you'd had that you should be tested for immunity.   I honestly don't know why, that didn't stick.  So I talked to Dr. Body and he agreed and wrote the orders.  I had the test done before vacation and today the results came back.

Backstory to the Backstory:  My older brother is 11 years older than me.  When I was 4 months old he got chicken pox horribly.  My mother decided to spare me the pain and so let me be exposed. I caught it but only had a few pox, never a fever or felt bad or anything.  Years later I learned that due to still having her immunicty I may not have developed my own.  However there is ample proof I've had it; in 2nd grade all but 7 of us were out with it at once.  I shared a room with my sister through the contagious and sick periods when she had when I was 9.  When I was 18 I had a babysitting job through the county.  Two kids came down with chicken pox while I was babysitting.  I held both of them that day, multiple days before, and multiple days of illness.  I was in the clear.
Today my test results came back.  As I'm sure you have guessed, I am not immune to chicken pox. Chicken pox is a serious illness for an adult and that's without the other issues I have.  The shot is not for adults; I don't know if there is a way around that.  I think Dr. Body is checking; he said if this came back with the slight chance of no immunity he'd see. I told him that if I get it while still emotionally coping with this last year that I will wind up in isolation on a psych unit because too much is too much.  And THAT would be too much.

I have also asked for him to do immunity titers or redo any shots that I may have any chance of having not processed correctly or that there's a chance of catching the disease, particularly the measles, mumps, rubella one.

I'm so glad we did the test that neither of us thought was important.  Knowing doesn't really help, you can't avoid it just like you can't avoid whooping cough b/c of the long time between exposure and getting sick.  We now just have to make sure I don't get it.  Right now I'm a little scared to leave home; I knew there was some chance I might not be immune to whooping cough and look how that turned out.  However, REALLY?????

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