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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mood swings

Even though I've slept a lot I'm tired.  I just want to not have to do anything for a while and that's goofy since I just go back from vacation.  I'm also very sensitive, never the best thing.  I imagine this is hormonal.

I just had one of those things where I was on vacation and nobody told me something important so therefore I've been doing something wrong and annoying someone who apparently thought I was ignoring what I had been told to do.  Which is just not that big of a deal, except that it is very frustrating because I try so hard to do the correct thing, which makes it seem worse than it is.  I want to go see Dr. Mind except that I don't think adding in extra time to the day is going to make it any better.

I just really want to have another 3 days to rest.  In 2 weeks I get a 3 day weekend but may have no choice but to spend much of it cleaning.  We'll see how I feel by then though.

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