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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I hate waiting

Back in March when my endometrial guest was found the ultrasound was ready as being either a polyp or a type of fibroid that kind of buries itself in the wall of the uterus with polyp being more likely per the radiologist.  I've been suspicious since talking to my dr. that she feels it is a fibroid; she turned the surgery over to a fibroid expert since fibroids aren't her area of expertise.  Well, tonight I needed some information my dr. so looked her webpage.  She lists polyp removal as an area of expertise.  That means that as I suspected since she always calls it a polyp/fibroid that she thinks it is a fibroid.  No big difference especially with the fibroid expert doing the removal, and I think it is a bloodier procedure and probably a little more sore for me, but whatever, just so it's out.

Regardless, with this new hint I feel more impatient than ever to have this done with. 2 months and 3 days.  I think.

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