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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asthma versus MAOI

Today was a little scary.  My asthma flared badly, I used my medication liberally, the nurse at the allergist's office clearly didn't know  what I was talking about referencing "is that safe with my MAOI?" so instead gave me "shut the psych patient up" answer.  I didn't do what she said since she was clearly guessing, so it never occurred to me that use of meds hours later would cause my blood pressure to go up.  Therefore I had a headache for many hours before I checked my blood pressure and it was pretty high for me.  It's better now and doctors have been contacted, but clearly finding a balance between blood pressure and asthma is going to be a struggle.  I can't even just take a blood pressure med as my blood pressure runs low normally.

Not so relaxing.  I think I am finally sleepy though.

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Jean Grey said...

When I was on MAOI's, I dreaded any interaction with medical people (other than psychiatrists- well, maybe them too!), and I was sure that if I ever had to go to the hospital for any serious medical intervention they would probably wind up killing me! Fortunately, I was relatively healthy during this period. I can't imagine what it is like to have asthma and be taking an MAOI. They were great drugs for me, but I think once I went off them (they stopped working), a part of me relaxed- a part of me that I didn't realize was constantly on guard.