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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Don't wanna

I have never wanted so badly to not go back to work.  I'm tired.  My toes hurt.  And I'm emotionally not ready to the onslaught of things to catch up on that awaits me.  I love this job but I dread trying to catch up, which will be a huge part of the next few days.

I also hate waiting for things (sheets and comforter) to dry.  And I hate paying bills although I just very successfully managed to do that; apparently I tried to get ahead with my last pay making this one easy to pay down debts and the like.  Which I do enjoy, greatly.

Busy week ahead; tomorrow will be lots of office work then a frantic trip to Dr. Mind, then notes then bed.  All week will be catch-up.  And then Thursday is Dr. Mind again, and Saturday is Dr. Brain.  So out of the cave and into the forest.

I hate complaining.  I really love work.  I just dread the disorganization that will have over taken everything.

Basically I am a wimp.

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Anonymous said...

Wimp? Nope. You are 100% NOT a wimp. Not even close.

Good luck tomorrow and I hope it goes as smooth as it can for you. Busy week but productive too it sounds. I hope it flies right by.