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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Jean Grey-You'll love being an aunt.  Because of my relationship issues with my sister I thought it could be a disaster but instead I have gotten closer to my sister and her husband and love my niece, who loves me right back.  I am never going to forget how special those gummy kisses yesterday were, nor the look on her face when she woke up from her nap to me (only about the 5th person this has happened with) and decided it was ok to snuggle and rock instead of crying, then soon turned to "OK, Aunt Jen is really good about spoiling me and playing.  Let's play!" and I'm so glad to have had that free afternoon with her just before breaking my toes.  That didn't stop me from doing what I wanted with her but it sure made it less comfortable to walk laps.  It's also fun to use your OT skills with them.  One of the best things I've done in my life is decide when she was a few months old that my sister's theory about minimal toys wasn't good for her and so I bought a play mat and souped it up and she loved it.

Michal-I don't know why things aren't working for you.  I checked; you weren't in the spam or anything and I haven't blocked you (I don't think I can even if I want to).

Whoever asked, yes my toes are (were) taped.  I am on my way home now and stopped to get the tape off because my foot has swollen being down all day and that means the tape was killing me.  I am currently tape free and hobbling more and will sleep with a nightlight so I can go to the bathroom safely but no tape until it's shoe time.

Anyway, I need to do sleepy things; I still have a lot of driving tomorrow.  I have to get my cats by 5 from the vets and have at least 6 hours of driving, I think.  Ugh.  I think I came the most convoluted route ever.  I have no idea where all I've been today.

More to come......

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Anonymous said...

I think I found you here just about the time you found out your sister was pregnant, and I remember your feelings about it. I remember something also about a letter (?) Do you remember me trying to (unsuccessfully) guess her name? :-)

Anyway - this is why it is so extremely thrilling to read about you and your niece. Some things work out soooo well! That little girl is lucky to have her Auntie Jen. Hearing about your improved relationship with your sister (and family) is a bonus. SO glad to hear it. So, so glad for you!