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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 months = 4 Guess Whats? /scary window man update

Four Falls! That's right, I fell AGAIN. Once per month now, ever since I came home from the hospital.

This one taught me a few things though. I should have stumbled. Someone left the loop of a sling used with a mechanical lift that gets people we can't lift hanging down instead of tucking it safely away. My foot caught in it, I didn't know it and when I went to get something I flew instead. I learned 2 things. One is that I'm losing my balance totally instead of stumbling. The 2nd is that my protective reflexes are on vacation. I missed my face by less than an inch. My hands did not go up to my face. Instead I landed on both forearms and my knees, with one thumb twisted under my hand. I have 4 enormous bruises from impact. Thankfully I had my ankle brace on and it was my new one that doesn't allow turning. The worn out one would have left me with an injury. So thank God I got that Friday.

So, because I've been feeling like I was cycling some these last several days, I was supposed to add some more seroquel tonight. Instead I'm filling the script and holding on for a few days because I'm scared of what else might happen if I take more.

I also saw Dr. Body in his new practice. It was neat; he asked me to be the trial patient for this new interactive computer feature they have. Except it isn't really online yet. Which makes that rather tricky. We'll see if he remembers to contact me when it is available. He also told me the nurses had looked at my chart and told him "she must be difficult" and he told them I was one of his easiest patients. I appreciate that so much, because too often people see my diagnoses and med list and the list of allergies and decide I'm a whiny, impossible patient. Which I am not.

I know I wanted to post more here. I even pulled this page up last night and didn't actually post. But I can't remember what i wanted to say. I"m tired, and I'm emotionally struggling. And now I'm getting really sore. My left arm is going to be quite uncomfortable tomorrow.

I also did see Dr. Mind yesterday. Talking helped. Not done yet, but it helped.

Oh, and I DID report the scary window man. I realized partly I didn't want to because I'm afraid he'll retaliate. So I included the request that he be told that I realize he's going to know who complained, and if he is in touch with me in any way I will immediately call the police and file for a restraining order. What a weird experience that whole thing was.......

and now I must go or you'll be reading my dreams. So sleepy suddenly.......


Michal Ann said...

Wow, that's "the good, the bad and the ugly" post. Sooo glad there's plenty of good, Ms. Easiest Patient. I KNOW Dr. Body appreciates you. Don't forget to check back cuz I THINK he WILL forget to inform you when the new computer system is ready. The ophthalmologist who first suspected I had MS told me "You have one disease. I have two thousand patients. Get informed and involved."
I guess I'm "preaching to the choir" because you're an excellent patient. I'm sorry to hear you're having challenges at this time but it's impressive that you're so self-aware.
Yes, thank God for the new ankle brace but I'll be praying for the interplay of physical/mental things that are contributing to your falls and shaky feelings.
I'm still waiting to hear more about Sears...are you working with their "Escalations Team?" It might just be me, but I think that's a disturbing title. I agree with OTGirl; I, too, need support when being sales pressured.

You're doing a great job of hanging on and hangin in on MANY fronts!!

"I pray that God, who gives peace, will make you completely holy. And may your spirit, soul, and body be kept healthy and faultless until our Lord Jesus Christ returns."

Anonymous said...