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Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's YF-9659

OK, so I have NO CLUE what YF-9659 is, but when I went to type in today's accomplishments for the next thrilling saga in that sequence that filled in for some reason. And it struck me as funny.

Today finding an accomplishment is a bit harder. I overslept and missed a dr. appt to get the orthotics I needed desperately, so I rescheduled my whole day around that. But there is accomplishment there. Oversleeping isn't good, but at the same time my body was tired and it did what it is supposed to do. (Granted there was a bit of a med error involved, but why be nit-picky?). But I did get the orthotics, learned how to use them and oh wow what a difference. I was supposed to try for 1-2 hours, more if I could tolerate. I wore them for 6 and even then only 1 foot was hurting. The foot with tendonitis felt better today until I took the orthotics out than it has in months. And the bad ankle is so much more stable when it is forced to be. I'm going to love these things despite being sad that they don't expect immediate relief.

I think the big thing today was that I had a hectic day and I kept my cool.

Oh, and I ate beef. That's like 5 times since September........STrange achievement I realize, but it's not the beef that is important as much as the fact I ate something different than my few favored foods.

I made it through a hwole day with my emergency medical alert necklace patched to my neck. Which is huge because messing up a patch means throwing away a $20 piece of plastic and I fiddle with that necklace all the time. I did finally remove the patch a few minutes ago because it was itchy and I've learned if it itches it needs to come off. I was right, it was getting really red under there.

And now I'm going to sleep and recognizing that need and following through is the biggest thing of all today.

Tomorrow is a major day of schedule juggling. We'll see what happens........

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