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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Helpful hint for those on Miralax

If you don't know what miralax is, count your blessings. It's something very important to me, but it's also kind of annoying.

Miralax is a stool softener. It is very gentle and is seemingly the drug of choice for constipation. For me it's not the best but the other options don't work alone, so it's part of my life. The reason it doesn't work for me is the reason it's great in general; it kind of diverts water to the bowels making things easier. For me, because I'm constantly dehydrated by diabetes insipidus, it is only sort of successful. But nothing else works well either and at least it isn't a pill or bunch of pills.

Miralax is a powder that you theoretically dissolve in virtually any drink and drink, allegedly without any taste or residue. The thing is that it makes water cloudy and that make me unable to try it in water. It doesn't dissolve well in milk. And those are my main drinks. I usually keep grapefruit juice around to drink it in but I've now hit on a great idea.

Because of where I work and my constantly high stress level from illness I tend to get sick easily. So I try hard to consume lots of vitamin C. One way I really like is this stuff called EmergenC. It's a powder that dissolves in water into a carbonated drink that tastes pretty good. So lately I've been adding the miralax to it, and it dissolves great in there, there is no residue whatsoever, at least the carbonation prevents that from being noticeable. It's a nice way to combine 2 things at once.

I am waiting for my sheet to dry. I didn't realize it was still damp until i started to put it on the bed. I'm so tired, it better dry soon or I'm going to be asleep sitting up, and cold.

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