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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another Day, another doctor

I haven't been posting quite as much. And I realized why. Doctors have taken over my life.

Generally I see Dr. Mind every Thursday evening, Dr. Brain every 4-5 Saturdays, and Dr. Body every 6 months and as needed, which generally was maybe once between those. Since September my doctor visits have been out of control. From October through mid-January I saw Dr. Mind twice/week. I have seen Dr. Brain monthly except for the month she was off. I of course saw lots of doctors in the hospital (3). And I've seen more of Dr. Body than ever before, I think. Let's see. I saw him for follow-up right after I left the hospital. I saw him 3 weeks after than because of my horrible stomach virus/appendicitis scare. I saw him 2 weeks after that with my sprained ankle. We combined my 6 month visit with that one so I also had a ton of bloodwork then. Then I saw him yet again for my re-twisted ankle in February after I fell on ice. Soon after that I saw the urologist-without-a-name-because-she-doesn't-deserve-one. Then this week I saw Dr. Foot and Friday afternoon got a call that Dr. Brain needed to change my appointment to this Saturday instead of next. I go back to see Dr. Foot this Friday (and who knows how much after that; explained below), and then I have my "new patient" appointment at Dr. Body's new practice on the 16th. And this isn't all; Dr. Body and I have been in touch via fax/phone numerous (probably 5-10) times, and I had that month of PT.

Dr. Foot....well, first off he was WONDERFUL. Of the 3 drs. there he was who I hoped to get. He was extremely thorough, seemed to understand my med situation and the limitations related to that, and was also respectful of my professional knowledge. I do have plantar fascitis, and apparently it's not exactly mild. I actually may have a full-blown tear in a tendon in there, something that is seeming more likely as the taping that was done to see if it helped (which indicates a new orthotic would make a big difference) has been worthless. It's been on 3 days and stays on until it falls off or day 5. I'm a bit unclear where it goes if this doesn't work. He said something about an MRI but I'm not sure if that was "that's the next step" or if it was a possiblity. Apparently this can become surgical but I'm probably not there yet. (please no). I was also glad that he took my ankle issue seriously. I didn't really know podiatrists were ankle specialists and I probably should be been there a bit sooner. Regardless he told me that if I didn't have the brace I do he would have put me in that exact kind that day, and that made me feel much better. Bracing things in some ways goes against my training, as bracing (while necessary at times) also means certain muscles are encouraged to be weaker. Affirmation that I need a brace was a good thing. If my ankle has any more issues I'll have some special x-rays taken. As it was I had about 6 or 7 views taken total, a few of my sore foot and most of my ankle. He seemed to be somewhat suspicious of something I wondered about at the time of the injury because the symptoms fit well, a small fracture in the bone below my small toe, which often doesn't show up on initial x-rays, and which apparently wouldn't have shown up in the x-ray series that was done anyway. I'll find out x-ray results this Friday; he told me the only thing I'd find out immediately would be an acute fracture. He also suggested that I continue to work on this thing I've been considering buying, a circular thing that works on ankle control called a wobble board. Probably I'll order that after I get paid this week. I'll also be doing ultrasound on myself at work when I'm not taped up. So this is going to be a not one visit issue, but I'm so glad I went because apparently it was not about to get better on its own, and as painful as it has started to become I can't imagine standing it getting much worse.

And then there's the search for Dr. Bladder.....I'd hoped Dr. Brain would know someone who met the criteria of female, good with psych patients and experienced with sexual trauma. Did not happen. The only one she knew was a man and I'm not ready for that. So we looked at some names and she told me what to say when I called, and then when I pick someone I'm to contact her and she'll send them some psych info and Dr. Body will send them his portion, and Dr. Mind also will send something this time affirming that psychologically he feels I am unable to do this without sedation. Since he's the only one of them who knows WHY in specifics I think this is valuable. But setting this up is going to be a pain in the rear end.

Oh, and then the other wonderful news I got yesterday.........jury duty. I am not appropriate to be on a jury. I can't sit still and pay attention, and at this moment in time I'm dealing with too much of my past to really risk anything triggering PTSD. It's a miracle I'm not dealing with that intensely at the moment, and all I need is a trigger from outside. So I got a note from Dr. Brain excusing me from that, which is at least a reason the timing yesterday was wonderful. Otherwise, not so much. I am so extremely tired, and having my plans changed was hard. But at least I know I can take care of jury duty easily now. Hopefully. Apparently psych excuses are no longer as effective as they used to be. The last time I got jury duty they barely even looked up after the first couple words. Apparently that's not necessarily so true. I hate this, I'd love to serve on a jury. I find much of that really interesting. However, I also know my limitations.

I've also been busily working on insurance quotes. I actually found a plan that is less than half what I pay for car insurance, and about $100/year less on house. So that is good.

I think my washer load just stopped, so I better go throw things around again. I seem to have way too much wash for only one week, but then I think I didn't do everything last week, and I also think I've been doing at least one load/week in the morning and I'm not sure I did that this week either.

So that's what has been happening here. Not very exciting.....

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