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Monday, March 01, 2010

One more doctor

So Friday I get to see yet another doctor. This time it is a podiatrist. Because after my ankle sprains I was forced to stand with most weight on my good foot and I stand so much I wound up with tendonitis in my good foot. Which has now become more painful than my ankle is ever anymore. I've tried various things for it but have come to the conclusion that I probably need custom orthotics, because I need something that keeps one ankle from rolling in and the other needs to keep the ankle rolled out more. I'm just so glad that I got in so soon. It really is getting sore. I will, however, scream if told I need PT (I'm not doing that for this particular problem). There are night splints that I may need as well, but those pose some issues because typically they aren't to be walked in and I'm too sedated to figure out taking something off at night. So we'll see. I just hope it is a nice doctor.

I also may have to switch insurance companies. My home and car have been with the same people since before I had a home, actually probably as long as I've lived in Ohio which is 9 years now. I recently had them reduce my policy to reflect the fact that my car has so many miles on it that it is not worth much. The point was to reduce my bill. Rather than do this, or asking how I wanted it done, they simply credited my January bill and then continue to bill me the old amount until this policy runs out. I essentially told them no, that since I wasn't given the choice to do that and that is not what I wanted I will be getting a new insurer if my premium doesn't go down very soon. I'm so frustrated with this. I changed things specifically so I'd have more money and then they took that away from me. I would much rather have paid the new amount in January and ongoing.

Not feeling really upbeat today. I had one of those days where nobody was where I needed them to be, paperwork wasn't in order that I needed, a patient/family got a little more intense than was required and they were wrong but didn't give me a chance to explain, and I've had a throbbing headache for the past 10 hours. Nothing is helping it. I'm sure it's from my sinus infection and the weather changing but it hurts.

I also just want to get to Thursday and my appointment with Dr. Mind. I've been through a lot of tough discussions with him in the past and I know that once we talk about this for a couple weeks I'll feel ok between sessions, but right now I just feel weird about it all. And yet so ready to talk more. I suddenly feel like really talking about this whole thing and feeling that is a new one for me. I've talked about it before, but then it was more just this "I must say it, often repetaedly" compulsion that is how I handle PTSD. (Just like my repeated hospital stories. Say it enough and it loses power).

I think that sleep rule is going to kick in within moments here. Good night.

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Michal Ann said...

Good insights. Good energy. Good night!