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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The antidote to overwhelmed

I've been struggling some the last few days. Worry about the baby, my reactions, time lost to resting last weekend (desperately needed but still, I had so much that needed done), time lost to my work computer dying last week, and stress because of some difficult cases of late, I've just felt like there wasn't enough time in a day. I've not sewn or done much of anything the last several days because I'm TIRED and what time I've had has often been spent writing progress notes. But today has made things feel a lot better.

For one thing I finally took time to work on a paper Dr. Brain needs to help me get Nuvigil through insurance, maybe. I noticed the ICD9 codes were different than usual. One is PTSD, which is now a more major diagnosis for me than in the past. The other was for bipolar mixed MILD. That's fun to see.

Second, every week we have team meeting. They always introduce new people and everyone claps and smiles at them. Today at the end of that she looked at me and asked "can I?" and I said yes, and so she told them I'll be staying through October and kind of made it clear I'd be staying. I got a ton of applause, a hug and some really, really nice things said about me. Including my supervisor saying "this is just where you belong". I think that's the nicest work compliment I've ever gotten. I fit in here. I've never had that happen before at work. Twice I have been close to someone i worked with, but never the entire team like this. I love it.

Third, one month into project start eating normal foods, Sunday I wanted a hamburger. We bought half a beef a while back and had individual patties made, so I thawed a 2 pack of those and ate one Sunday and then tonight wanted and ate another. That's MEAT people. Not only is it meat, it's healthy, lean meat. I swear that increase in protein alone feels good somehow.

And now I'm doing 30 minutes of paperwork. That way I can relax in the morning. Maybe.


SoyMamiYMas said...

That's the best way -- the only way, I think -- to enjoy you're job is the feeling of belonging, which you can only get from being around supportive people. I'm really happy for you.

And that's awesome about the food! Mmmm, beef . . . =)

Jean Grey said...

I'm so happy that your job is working out for you! It makes such a difference. And in the right place, you really make a difference. I've been working at the wrong place for me for the past 14 months, and it was really not good for me. I finally decided I've been there long enough that I can respectably leave, so a new job next month.