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Friday, June 18, 2010

Only me

Seriously. After hearing the opposum placenta story the other day Dr. Mind told me that I seem to attract bizarre experiences. Well, the last 2 hours of my life count. Or 3 hours, who knows now.

I've been making a salad for the party tomorrow. Funny I'm not sure I'll be eating it since it doesn't sound appealing right now because of my upset tummy, but at least I made something. Before doing that I washed a whole bunch of dishes, mainly my stainless steel water bottle collection. So the salad required a lot of dishes as well, and lots of mess from chopping lots of vegetables. I finally got all that done and moved on to making homemade cat food for my mother's cat who is sick, and also for my own since this is apparently delicious and CHEAP. Essentially it is pureed chicken livers in their own broth, gravy, and some baby food veggies. Except that i can't find the stupid gravy I bought for this. Which meant that I wound up with chicken livers all over my kitchen. I have barely eaten meat in almost a year now, and now I have offal dripping off my stove (don't ask; I miscalculated). SO I got that cleaned up and by then was soaking wet and needing another shower. I apparently smell like liver, judging from my cat's VERY affectionate reaction here. But I'm not done yet, so I cleaned up my mother's friend's gift for my sister, which is used and which I picked up yesterday in the city. That would have been fine had I actually remembered that if you are going to use you shower hose that you have to detach it BEFORE you turn it on. That meant I got soaked. Again. I still have to clean up the aluminum garbage can I'm turning into a diaper pail (at least the outside, I did do the interior and it's never been used so it's really not gross or anything.) And I still need to change my sheets, try to get a bit more food in me, take meds, and wash the baby's presents. Tomorrow I'll have to package them which I've still not totally figured out, and then hopefully I'll be up at my usual super early so I can finish the last few things which my sister can wash. If it weren't for the exposure to my cats I'd just leave things as I know she'll want to wash everything anyway, but things probably have hair and giving cat hair away seems rather gross. I'll also have to sew snaps on bibs in the morning; I just can't do that tonight even though it's easy. Soooooooooooooooooooo tired...........I'm going to be sorry I didn't take Monday off too. Aside from the whole thing where then next week would also involve 25 visits in 3.5 days.

So, I'm now officially a wreck. No doubt that Klonopin will be taken tonight. And tomorrow morning......

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Anonymous said...

You have me laughing and crying!

And . . . how are you managing to do all this, girl? I wish you good sleep, and good luck throughout this weekend.