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Monday, June 28, 2010

Some days suck

So today, in the course of 8 hours, I:
1)created a lunch break last week to take away my overtime because I was afraid to ask for it to be retro-approved
2)missed .25 hours which I now have to deal with somehow
3) Found out that when my contract says "Paid time off: 3 days to be determined with 2 week notice" that this does not in fact mean I have days off. And when I requested permission to take the day off that i did the return email "got lost" and so I found this out when I didn't get paid for the hours I took off. Nor are they willing to admit that this is just a BIT confusing and that telling me might have affected what I did. So I lost pay and have "special permission" to go see the podiatrist again to have my brace fitted when needed, after being admonished that they set up for me to work 1/2 days on Thursdays so I could see Dr. Mind and that should be all I need. I'm still working 40 hours per week people. I work long, long days and that includes working most of a full day each thursday, then going to see Dr. Mind, then being exhausted on Fridays. Because that's the only way I can see all my patients. And when i told them I didn't need days off I am absolutely sure I said "so I'll be able to just take them when needed, right?" because I knew I'd want time off when my sister has the baby.
4) After a frightening sequence of events including the closest to a fall I've had a patient come in YEARS (and we're talking about 7 of those) I spent a very long time contacting an MD, talking to nursing, calling a family to tell them that if their mother didn't have 24 hour care something like immediately I was going to have to report her to adult protective services, and then filing that report. Which sucks but she was so, so scary.
5)I gave up cable TV because it cost too much, and then the state started giving our libraries about half of their old budget and that meant the library I relied on for books on tape since I can't listen to music for very long most of the time couldn't buy new ones, so I have been paying for that service for maybe 18 months now. When I took this job I increased my service to have 8 books at once, since when you drive 1000-1500 miles a week you listen to a LOT of CDs. Well for quite some time I wasn't getting my 4 at a time; it was always 3 but I was listening to some really long books and not driving so much so it was ok. Now I still have only 3 out (2 of which have really been returned, just not credited yet) but I am paying double the price of what I should have been paying for four. So I called and complained and while they allegedly will get back to me about the time I've paid for the higher level of service and gotten nothing, they don't care. And so I get to once again listen to the same CD over again, for the 2nd time in a row, and possibly a 3rd given that it takes a while to get the books and this only lasts a few days and nobody will apologize, nobody will take responsibility, and I suspect nobody will refund my money.
6) I checked my credit score today. I have been working my butt off paying off debt. I'm needing a new car by winter and so I've been paying every penny I could scrape up into paying off credit cards. Yet somehow, mainly because of the particular day that they used as the reference date I think (because I use my Discover to pay for most things and then pay it right off, but that means it has high peaks sometimes if I've had a major purchase, like $300 of tires in the last few weeks which are paid off now but weren't when the month closed one day last week) my credit score had dropped a LOT since January. There's nothing like working so hard on something and being sure to never, ever miss a payment and paying 4-6 times what is owed per month each month and seeing the credit card balance cut by a third in a month, yet see you will never, ever qualify for a good car loan for some mysterious reason. I know that by the time I apply a lot of the debt will be gone, and I learned today that you need to let things settle for a while before you look at the score, but still.........I'm sick about this.

I'm going to bed now. I've had it with life.

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