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Friday, June 11, 2010

Four weeks down

I can't believe the contrast between how fast the first 4 weeks of this job went compared to the last four weeks of the last job. I can't believe in 2 weeks my contract will be halfway up. I never expected to love this so much.

I already had decided to let them know that if they are willing to wait out my contractual obligations and want me I'd love to stay if we can negotiate a few things. Which I think they will. If nothing else I need to have insurance with a lower deductible, which I am sure they have. I am paying huge amounts on a few student loans and one credit card, trying to pay them totally off in 6 months or less. But the medical bills and co-pays for meds (currently my out of pocket for meds is about $500-700 depending on what 3 month refills are done that month) and I had finally almost gotten my hospital stay under $1000 and got billed $400 for the testing done by the urogynecologist. Plus I'm making payments on orthotics and X-rays of my feet, I have to buy a new ankle brace every 10 weeks or so and now I've have 2 MRIs to pay on. plus I probably owe the counseling center money although we're so confused we don't know how much. I keep getting to the end of bill-pay day, Friday, and having no money left over. I've tried not paying things I don't have to pay to catch up, but that stresses me out because I know I have to get the debt down before taking on a car payment and the medical bills seem endless so the credit and 2 small student loans must go. And I've been paying and extra $60/month on my mortgage and the thing is that I don't want to give that up as it is making my mortgage go way faster and getting me closer to losing my mortgage insurance with is $30/month, and that's really important to get rid of ASAP, and with my medical status paying off my house ASAP is a good thing. But I also have things I want to save for and I can't do that until I have a new car. I'm more and more aware of the car thing as I'm putting around 1000 miles on per week and that means I'll by over 200,000 by December, plus doing home health in a compact care in Appalachia in winter is not recommended. The parking lot where I work is so funny because it is like small SUV heaven as you actually NEED one to do this. I've already had one place I had trouble getting into with my little car.

So regardless of the wild freaking out about medical bills that I don't seem to ever make progress on, I've made it 4 weeks in this new job and I'm happy and doing well and nobody has told me I suck and they are SUPPORTIVE that I'm establishing something new and working very hard because of that. It's pretty nice. It's also so wonderful to not have everything be about meeting minutes. Now I can give what the patient needs, within reason. Which feels a lot better than running around either trying to stretch 30 minutes tolerance into 70 minutes or 70 minutes of work into 30.

And I'm getting sleepy so I guess my meds actually did decide to wrk when taken early (doesn't always happen.) So, good evening (it's not even dark so night is a stretch). Tomorrow is a major sewing day. I'll write when I come up to stretch.

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