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Friday, June 18, 2010


I realized last night that I have pretty much weaned off my daytime dose of Klonopin over the last week or two, without realizing it. This is a good thing, although ideally all med changes at this point should be incredibly slow or not at all; because of how long I was unstable my doctor wants no changes in my meds aside from increases if needed or additions for 1-2 years and at that point weaning can start. I am months from the 1 year mark and she'll probably go for 2 because it's me and because I haven't held totally stable through this. The loss of daytime anxiety meds isn't something she'll be upset with, it's good especially if I just don't need it as is apparently true. however, I'm still taking a pretty big dose at night, but last night I got home late and had to finish some paperwork and fell asleep without any meds, something I never, ever do. Today I feel weird-nausea, shaky, just not right. I have been on high dose benzos constantly since last July and have barely ever missed a day because I just don't miss meds, ever. So I suspect that even though klonopin is harder to to get addicted to and I shouldn't theoretically have withdrawl because of it's half-life, I think my body is very unhappy at my error.

Also, I'm off now to find out about foot or ankle surgery, which is not making me feel any better.
I'm going to refuse it at this point unless there is actual damage being done that won't stop without surgery. The reason for this is that first, surgery would mean screwing with my med balance and that's not ideal, and surgery on MAOIs is difficult because of interactions. Second, surgery would really mess up my plans for job transition. So, I don't want it. I also know that surgery would pretty much make me homebound for a good part of recovery and that is far from ideal.

More later......

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JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I hope you don't need surgery. <3