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Friday, June 18, 2010


The news was good compared to my fears, although not great I suppose (I'm happy enough). Basically my sore foot didn't really show us what is wrong. That means I believe that it is tarsal tunnel syndrome which the only treatment for really is pain management. Since I'm much more comfortable with the ongoing pain management and being off my feet and not lifting people anymore except rarely I am not that concerned. I can handle this pain; it was when it was constant and more severe I was worried.

My other ankle needs surgery. However that isn't exactly news. I have known it would eventually for months now, and really have only had about 1 month that I didn't have good reason to think it was imminent. It doesn't take any expertise at all to look at my ankle and see it has a problem; it turns in all the time unless I straighten and hold it or the brace is on. The good things are that it isn't urgent, at this point it is elective, and I need only the least invasive surgery, more repair than reconstruction (I think kind of a cross between them). He is fine with my decision to wait for another sprain or for the pain to increase, which lets me seamlessly change jobs, and after that an acute injury will let me have the treatment without being "pre-existing" as it would be for the first year for short term disability, and if pain makes me decide (which would have to be much worse) then I can wait until next year. It sounds manageable and I'm ok with knowing that is coming eventually. It sounds like the big thing is to do it before I develop really severe arthritis (which he said is easily avoided) or before I rip the ligament that I still have intact or mostly intact. However, being careful, being in the less risky job, and a new brace that will stabilize better without my wearing it out every 2 months should help.

And (this is a huge thank you God) he told me where to get shoes. I have been struggling to find shoes that meet the requirements for my orthotics, yet still meet my requirements of being light (heavy shoes do not help the poor ankle) and easily washable since my shoes get gross. Anyone have a vote on Asics versus New Balance? (Two different stores with 2 different specialities. I may get one pair of each because I need 2 pairs of sneakers anyway although the cost of each pair of approved shoes is enough to make me sick. I've always worn expensive sneakers or oxfords because my knee requires padding and support (and I've been treating the ankle problem I didn't know I had), but now I only wear the very top of most lines because of how the orthotics fit. It's frightening.

I also realized that I feel bad because I haven't had my medicine that keeps my electrolytes balanced in 10 days because I forgot to get the script and I've noticed that I've been peeing gallons the last few days which is what the problem is without the med, so I had it transferred and have taken it and hopefully will get things balanced back out soon.

And I am now going to try to sleep a while. I have so many things to do, but I need the rest if I'm going to survive the baby shower tomorrow. So, rest it is.

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Rachael said...

New Balance still makes some of shoes in the US. Also, the folks at the New Balance stores are really great helping you get the fit you need - and if they feel uncomfortable after you purchase, you can return whether worn or not. I vote New Balance.