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Monday, June 07, 2010

Opinions from the wise ones

My sister's baby shower is in 2 weeks. Initially I took the day off before to help set-up. I am not going to do this now as it is better for my mental health. I wanted to have time with her when it wasn't 10000 people deep, but if she hurts me and I'm stuck for 2 days I will be in a bad place.

So, here's my issue. Essentially it is fashion/vanity.

I've lived for many years with a hidden disability. I'm used to that. I've also lived all my life answering birthmark questions and so am better aquainted than most with how many people will ask questions if something is "wrong" with you.

I have to wear my ankle brace to the shower. It's outdoors and I'm not allowed to walk outdoors without it, and the risk is too great to chance it. I am not good at complying with plenty of things, but I will never have trouble complying with that because I do not want ankle reconstruction. It is not fun surgery and I've seen people recovering from enough types of surgeries to have a decent idea.

The shower is pretty casual and normally I'd wear shorts, a blouse, and sandals. Except that I really am not supposed to wear sandals as I'm best off with orthotics in and am likely to have pain if I don't have them. Plus the only sandals I have are off limits because of a slight heel.

But if I wear this and sneakers and my brace I'll have to answer brace questions. Even though I've had a brace on that ankle for 7 months now and it is visible with long pants on enough that I've had plenty of questions, I am very self-conscious with it and shorts. I heard a kid asking a parent what it was in a polite whisper the other day and even that made me self-conscious. I have no idea why; compared to my birthmark it's nothing and a 2 word explanation works.

I thought about a sundress and some kind of sandal/shoe thing, but I'd want a long dress to hide the brace and that's not a style right now. Plus I hate dresses.

I can't wear long pants because I'll get overheated, and I can't wear capris because they look really funny on me. I've even though of wearing 2 socks, one over the brace, but I'd wind up looking like a 1980s boys basketball player with those knee sock things; the socks I have to wear under (and would also need over) the brace are tall and the brace doesn't fold down.

So, what do I wear that takes away the attention from the brace? (Keep in mind I have a sister-in-law who is bound to lecture me on the problems caused by the decreased mobility of the brace, even though I'm a therapist who knows plenty about this, wear the brace after my Harvard-trained podiatrist carefully assessed the risks of injury versus weakness, and that without the brace it's a matter of WHEN do I fall and completely tear whatever structures are damaged in there--which I finally will know next Friday as I'm having an MRI this week).

All idea appreciated.


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Annehueser said...

Some interesting jewelry so others look up rather than down. Or something interesting in your hair. Or a great shade of lipstick.

Jean Grey said...

What would you tell a patient? My suggestion, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable- and have a short answer prepared for people's questions. If anyone wants to get in to it, tell them you are under a good doctor's care, and you are here to celebrate your sister's new baby. But easier said than done.

Rachael said...

Long skirt, simple tee, drape belt or scarf, flats or keds. I agree with Jean, think what you would tell a patient, too. Good luck - I totally understand wardrobe anxiety!