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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

THe reason I'm eating pancakes with my fingers

Betcha that title's never been used before........

Today was long. As was yesterday. I've got to find a way to lessen my load some. I've got time scheduled to work on that Monday, but for the moment I"m worn out; I've had a lot of hours the last 2 days. Thankfully tomorrow I HAVE to be done early because I have my MRI of my ankles/feet and have a 2 hour drive to get there.

But today was long. One of my patients makes me really sad, her situation is rotten and she's grieving and I totally understand that but she is also chain smoking, and YUCK. Another one of my patients can't see very well. There's this whole backstory about her family not wanting her to use her walker (which she severely needs) because it might scratch the floor. Which is funny since as we were walking back to the place we were talking I noticed a huge puddle on the floor, which she casually said was from the dog, which apparently pees on the floor in anger when it's owner leaves. My patient can't see it so she just walks through it. So now I have to thank God for the insight to pack disinfectant in my suitcase.

After hours of working I went to the Walmart here to buy a new GPS. I got ripped off for starters, since the price the website claims for the store to have was $31 off. But my GPS only says every other syllable and I get lost without it and I didn't have the energy to drive elsewhere to get another one, so whatever. But that store is being remodeled and so you can't just pay for the stupid thing, they have to escort you to the front and you have to check out. I could have had them hold it and gone back, but then I would have had to find the girl, wait for her to be done with other people, then pay. So I paid, then came back in and got food for supper. I forgot utensils but figured they'd have a spoon in the room with the coffee pot, or I could get it from the breakfast area downstairs. Instead I got here and i got mad.

This hotel is nice. It really is. HOwever the girl who works Wed. nights is not and she hates me. This is because the first night I stayed here they had made the reservations on the wrong day and I refused to say it was my fault. I read them a list of Wed. dates so it would be difficult for me to have been wrong there. That first night they stuck me in a smoking room, I think for being "difficult". Since then, every time I stay I have to go through reminding them of my negotiated rate, even when I tell them when I make the reservation. Tonight when I got here she was gabbing away on her cell and eating junk food and I had to wait for about 5 minutes to get her to check me in. Then I brought up load one, things I had to sort through for work, and went back down and moved my car and brought up my other bags. Which are heavy. I look like I'm carrying a ridiculous amount for one night, but this isn't one night. THis is I have packed a lot of stuff so I don't have to repack toiletries all the time, and I get cold so I have to have warm pajamas b/c the rooms are freezing and don't have what I would call a blanket, more of a fancy top sheet (reminder that b/c of sensory issues I sleep with a 22 lb blanket made of 2 layers of heavy fleecy stuff, a down blanket, and often a down comforter even in summer. I remember being taught in school that if you really need the weighted blanket the warmth wouldn't bother you. THat was not a lie.

So I get my stuff up here and all I want is a shower to get the dog pee and cigarrette smoke off. And the key won't work. So I called on my cell, expecting her to come fix it. She made me drag all 30 lbs (I have a travel weighted blanket plus sewing stuff and books because I am awake 4 hours before I have a place to go so I need to keep busy in the mornings) of crap back downstairs then back up. Which is when I realized I had no utensils. So, finger pancakes. They weren't good anyway. I just have had this weird pancake thing lately. It was one of the first normal foods I really liked and have eaten a bunch of them, which is odd since normally I don't like them. Whatever. I'm now moving on to PMS food. Which hopefully will let me un-grouch enough to not want to rip her head off.

(REally, I'm just very tired, I'm also in the midst of another round of PTSD and kind of having to handle it alone because Dr. Mind is away, and I'm stressed because I don't know how they are going to feel about my having overtime this week and I probably will. Considering that I'm still am not fast enough to totally do my documentation during the day and so spend a lot of time off the clock working as well as on I think that's fair, and I really think they'll be fine because I've done a momentous amount of work in the last 2 weeks, but still I hate to have to bring this up). So now it's onto chocolate. Lots of it I hope..............and then sleep, if I"m lucky. That's what I need the most, given my crankiness, which come on, dog pee????????????????? And I have to write that up as a safety issue.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll either have totally jangled nerves after 3 hours of sitting with my feet in tubes or I'll have had a really good nap. I'm planning on some extra sedation so hopefully it will be the really good nap thing. We'll she what wins, meds or I hate noise.:)

At least it beats dog pee............

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