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Thursday, June 10, 2010

So much for "at least"

Last night when I was writing about my motel frustrations (which I knew before I started this I would have, by the way; there is a difficulty when you live on my schedule and stay in a motel. It is called "what the heck do you do when you are awake at 4:30 AM and have none of the things you usually do in that time?". That's my sewing time, my cleaning time, my cuddle the kitties time, etc. I do most of my internet reading and blogging at night and because I'm still waiting for meds to wear off at that time I can do things but I am not the best at thinking, typing, etc. So that time is a bit hard, although today I actually slept until 6. If I can continue that it's not so bad.)

But anyway, my thought through all that yesterday was "well, at least it is clean". And then my feet got cold so I got out my socks for today and wore them to sleep in. I walked around in them of course and oh my. We're crossing clean off the list and adding Clorox wipes to my bag because I am touching NOTHING I've not sanitized. The best way to describe it is this: I have 2 cats. Until 2 months ago I couldn't vacuum for 8 years so it only got done every couple months sometimes. And my socks NEVER got that dirty and you know my floors were filthy. So now we're down to "it's cheap, it's accessible, it looks nice, it has a microwave/fridge (that's the only reason I'm staying, it it close to work, it has good breakfast (although who knows how icky the food prep area is and it's only once per week".

I thought that the lack of vacuuming there was just a missed spot the night I got stuck in the smoking room, where you can have pets. There was quite a bit of kitty litter on the floor there. I figured that was just an accident.

Guess not. Oh well. Makes me appreciate home. (Although as I'm running around here with a vacuum my poor cats who are scared of it keep looking at me like "um, we ALL hate that here, remember? WHAT ARE YOU DOING???")


Anonymous said...

Judge not a book by its cover.............................................................

Anonymous said...

OK, I got thte willies just imagining this, you poor thing! However . . . I am LMAO at your descriptions. =) Poor kitties!