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Friday, July 24, 2009

Come Monday, it'll be all right????

Monday I am to go to the city again, this time to the corporate office of place where I interviewed. I'm to meet the vice president and apparently discuss how they can work it out to give me a full-time position. It sounds positive, but this step wasn't mentioned before and it makes me nervous.

I spent the afternoon buying clothes. Regardless of how this works out I need things that fit, and nothing does because I've lost so much weight. I have some scrubs but they aren't in the best shape. Plus they are the color I had to wear per uniform at the old job and I am so, so tired of that color. And nobody was wearing scrubs when I had my interview, so if I get this job it appears regular clothes are a better choice. I like regular clothes more anyway. I got some good deals at Kohls, but I still need to do more tomorrow. I can't find shoes I like and I need at least 2 more pairs of pants. I think I'm going to try Dansko shoes. I already know I have to spend a bundle on shoes, so I might as well get really good ones. I can't wear cheap shoes because of a bad knee that needs support. Plus when buying sandals last week I discovered my feet turn in pretty badly, so I need support for that too.

I have been grinding my teeth all day and my face and neck are aching. I've had my bite plate in for the last 3 hours which has only sort of helped. Stress is not fun.

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Julia said...

Fingers crossed!