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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sensory Integration

So it turns out that my sensory issues have no problem coming back up when I'm stressed enough. I'm not really sure why that surprises me. Noise is driving me batty. I need to start a load of laundry so my clothes for my interview tomorrow have been washed (I tend to break out from chemicals in new clothes if they aren't washed in my "safe" detergent--I am only able to tolerate Tide and Cheer and have been like that since birth.) and I don't want to have to listen to the washer. I am aware of seemingly every noise my neighbors make. And, the biggest sign of all, I want to be under my weighted blanket all the time. I don't have TV, but I have been watching DVDs of old Friends episodes for several hours/day just because I can be under my blanket during that. I even have the A/C lower than usual to allow this.

I finally got some sleep last night. However, I'm afraid to take the medication again because it apparently made me very, very shaky. Not the best thing when you are interviewing and need to appear calm and together.

I just hope I can stay a little calmer. I'm grinding my teeth terribly and getting serious headaches nearly every day from it. I don't need that. Nor do I like risking more tooth damage. I have a feeling I'm going to need another root canal this fall, and I would prefer to keep it to one per year or less. I suspect that I'm probably facing root canals for most molars eventually, but one at a time is good.

I'm hoping to get in to see Dr. Mind tomorrow. I have to be very near him for my appt, and so I'm hoping that I can combine 2 trips up to the Big City. We'll see. I gave that as the reason on the message I left, but the truth is that I also just need the support. All this waiting is really, really hard.

Ack, just realized I'm late for meds. Not good. And I guess I must do that stupid laundry.

More tomorrow after the big 2nd interview. Please pray/think of me/whatever you do about 10:00 EST....

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Julia said...

Wishing for the best at 10!