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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I didn't hear from job-I-want today. Not a good sign. I posted my resume on a search site, and within 2 hours I heard from 2 companies. I'm actually un-posting the resume I was told it will be attracting 50 plus calls in a couple days. I can't take that.

I did find out about 1 job I think I may accept. It's a traveling company. That means I'd work somewhere 13 weeks, then either committ to 13 more or go somewhere else. I think that this might be a good thing. I've not had good experiences in the last 2 jobs, and this lets me "try out". The worst thing would be a chance at not having a placement, but apparently that is rare. It would mean frequent change, which isn't my favorite thing, but at the same time it would mean less getting hurt. And it can turn permanent. It also has good things like promised 40 hours at a rate $4/hr over what I've been making and insurance on day 1. I'm probably going to have a phone interview tomorrow. And chances are good I'll take it.

On the down side, my depression is worsening. I emailed Dr. Brain and I see Dr. Mind in 2 days. Hopefully something medical can be done. But this is tricky because I'm already on more antidepressant than ever before and I'm sensitive to antidepressants in a way that means I am at risk for mania. She'll want to adjust my mood stabilizers but I can't be sedated. So, I have no idea what happens.

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