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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feeling like a Wet Cat

My nerves are on high. This interview couldn't come soon enough (I leave in an hour). I barely slept all night.

I am not so much anxious about the interview but I am very anxious about a few questions he might ask. He knows leaving my last job wasn't totally my idea. That one I can explain away. But the job before that (which I was fired from because of bipolar but of course I can't say that) I'm not sure how to explain. I'm also nervous about the discussion surrounding how much I'll work. Dr. Brain wants me to have a minimum of 1/2 day off during the week. I'm hoping to either work out that I'll do 4 9 hour days and 1 4 hour day, or 4 9 hour days. I'd love to stick to 32 hours but I need more income. Even if I get a higher pay rate I need to make as much as I can.

I just can't wait until this is OVER. And I don't mean just this one, I mean job-in-hand-wearing-scrubs over.

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otgirl said...

keep us posted! Good luck.