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Friday, July 24, 2009

How Just Me Becomes Poverty Stricken

So obviously money is a huge concern at the moment. I have one more paycheck coming, in a week. And I have a rather small amount of money in my account. Plus I've got the whole buying-clothes thing going on.

Hopefully I'll be starting work nice and soon, but that's impossible to guess. So, in the last 6 hours I've discovered I wasted $30. First I bought whitening stuff for my teeth, per my mom's request. I think my teeth need more frequent professional cleanings with the bite guard combined with my meds. So I bought it, brought it home, and used it. Only then did I realize the side of the box states that it won't work on veneers, and thanks to the damage to my teeth from lithium I have veneers on my front teeth. So, waste of money. Then I happened to look at my checking account and discovered that when I did a "free" credit check a couple months ago I accidentally signed up for a $15 per month stupid service.

One thing that I guess is good, being home, bored, and anxious sure is helping my blog....

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