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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Therapy Superstitions

I have been in counseling for much of the last 15 years. Most of that time I've gone weekly. A total of about a year was bi-weekly. And several months long ago was 4 times/week for long sessions (extenuating circumstances). There was a period from 1998-2002 that it was off and on and more off than on. Since 2002 I have been going to the same counseling practice. I have seen each of 2 therapists for 3 1/2 years of that time.

Counseling is expensive. On a reduced rate fee I pay $260/month, plus gas to drive 100 miles. The entire result of mental illness is crushingly expensive. With new insurance I'm going to have to pay for two psychiatric visits/year, totaling $500 out of pocket plus co-pays. And I'm facing a fight to get 2 of my meds paid for. The thing that is good is that my new insurance has a low deductible, low co-pay for dr visits, and labs are covered at 100%. So hopefully the savings on those things will balance the other.

Over the last while we have discussed many times reducing my frequency to bi-monthly, or even 3 times per month with the week I go to the psychiatrist off. Today that came up again.

The problem is that every time we've tried to reduce something has happened. Last year it was getting fired. In January or February we tried again; immediately something happened that made it not work.

This summer we've had a period of alternating weeks due to scheduling. I've been fine. So of course today cutting back came up again. This time I don't even want to. I'll think about it, but I'm so tired of failing at that. I honestly think I'd rather be overly dependent on counseling for a while. I don't want to disrupt what is working.

I feel weird about giving in on this, but I also feel that for now that's right. I still have time before we can be totally sure giving up Depakote works. And after that it will be just about time for SAD season, then holidays, and so I really am not comfortable messing with the status quo until about March.

So, I'm the dependent patient.......

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