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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Can't believe I didn't this; I dod everything else here

Please forgive typos. My cat is aggressively sitting with her butt on the touchpad and won't move. So I can't have total control here.

So Friday two big things happened. One good, one made me very angry.

The good? Started weird. I got a letter from my mortgage company talking about my difficulties I'd told them I was having. Except I hadn't said such a thing ever. So I called to clear that up, and one of the hold options talked about having automatic weekly payments. I get paid weekly and that way cuts a lot of time and money off the debt. So I got that set up, and if I follow that plan my house will be paid of 4 1/2 years earlier with a $13000 savings, and if I add just $20 extra per month it will be 5 years soon with more savings. So now I'm excited about paying off my mortgage.

I've been crazily financially planning lately anyway. In the spring I am going to have to get a new patio door and replace the flooring. I'm pretty sure this will mean flooring and underflooring, as water had come in under my current patio door and it looks damaged. So that's a big expense. I also eventually, like within a year, want to reface my cabinets and add another one. Again, big expense, but really needs done and will drive me nuts until it is done, because one I get the new flooring down the cabinets will not match because I'm going with a wood laminate of some kind. So I have a special savings account for that, and another to accumulate money to pay my mom back money I owe her. I also having regular savings and soon need to start a retirement account. And I signed up for a plan to pay off my one credit card in a certain amount of time with automatic deductions (that I can reduce if I can't afford that much some month). So all this is good and makes me feel very goal oriented.

The bad? Well, this is more the anger provoking. When I was off I needed my time sheet sent in. I asked the manager to do it. She didn't send it on time, even after a call from my company, so I won't be paid until next week. I am not happy....

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Michal Ann said...

Editing by kitty, eh? Someone's gonna get attention one way or another!

Wow, you're sure thinking clearly on all the planning and paying. I'm impressed!

I'm so glad you saw Dr. Brain, your great doctor. I wonder what kept her out so long. Did she seem fine? Sounds like it.

Well, you're sittin' pretty in your new panties and just making a list, checking it twice AND you've found out who is naughty and who is nice! You're almost all set to start enjoying the season and that's not easy to do! I hope you get lots and lots of rest today!

Sabbath is good. I once heard that we don't "have" to keep that commandment but later we'll probably spend a lot of Sundays in the hospital. Interesting thought. Anyway, don't you dare feel guilty if you REST, o.k.?? That's probably the best thing you can do to prepare for your week ahead.

You're never alone. Jesus said “And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20b