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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This fury has no bounds

I am so angry still. I have written faxes to the billing person, Dr. Body, and Dr. Body's nurse. I will send them as soon as I have a place to send from. I have left a complaint with patient advocacy. I have left a message with billing. I will keep complaining to until someone does something.

I wrote down all the things I've paid them, when i talked to them and was told I was up to date, and all that my insurance has paid. I wrote down a few co-pays that might need paid but for which I have not received a single statement. Those all go to evil billing lady.

I have not had a medical statement since I paid the last one 12/9. I've checked my mail daily.

And this appointment was made a week ago so there is no excuse to not call yesterday. Or call my cell. Anything. A huge fuss WILL be made. Especially since I'm not getting sleepy because I'm upset and I've not eaten because I'm upset.

I just can't believe I have to fight for something so stupid.

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