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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So many things to stress over

I'm adding more and more to my list. First and foremost: my ankle hurts. Shocking, I know, but ouch. And I start PT tomorrow, and each visit costs $50. So, bye-bye every penny of overtime I make for the next month or 2.

Second, Dr. Brain is stressing me out. I cannot imagine what she has come back to since she was off; I know she told me she was working 3 straight weekends, and she is Jewish and has been celebrating their holiday that I can't spell no matter how many times I try tonight. Plus she always gets slammed by people not handling the holidays well. But.......Back in Sept. she prescribed me a new version of a med I've taken for years. With either version I was going to need pre-authorization from my insurance. When I got out of the hospital I found out she never got it. I paid $300 and then asked her to try to get it retro-actively covered. As she asked I took the script in and started having it submitted right after my last appointment. And she hasn't done the authorization. So tomorrow I take my last pill of what I really take. I then have a small supply of the old stuff that I don't like nearly as well, and then I'm out. And without this med I cannot work because I need it to wake up. Especially when I'm this tired and work is this demanding. Which means if I don't get the approval soon I'll have to pay $300 out of pocket again.

And I'm worried about PT tomorrow. I am scared that they'll tell me to just start using the ankle normally, without the cast boot, and I cannot imagine the pain. I was nearly crying tonight it hurt so badly on the way home. I'm also afraid it will feel like a waste of time. I just don't want to spend my free time getting therapy on ME.

And my patches keep falling off. Three in the last week. I have no clue where they are, or hwen they come off, but I need them to stick. I have no clue what changed; I'm doing nothing different.

I have to do these appeals on wheelchair forms my predecessor did that were denied. Medicaid is picky so the denials happen. Back when I started I could get the chairs for anyone. Now they don't even do them, but these appeals are from the end of that time. Well, they were denied because he's an idiot. He tries to throw around big words but doesn't know what they mean, so he winds up making up diagnoses (really), and my favorite of all: Bell's palsy, which is a facial nerve paralysis that occurs and then gradually heals, he apparently didn't know what it was nor did he look it up, so he listed it as an orthopedic issue. And then we wonder why the chairs were denied..........I have one appeal done, one to go. Yippee. Hopefully the next will be as amusing.

There's more. I just can't even remember what. It's now time to get a shower and iron clothes for tomorrow since I have to leave at 6:30 for PT. It's gonna be a long, long day........

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Michal Ann said...

Hell's bells...Bell's Palsy?! That IS amusing. I love to collect malapropisms and other strange word things. I recently heard people say "We have an open dialect." (uhhh dialog) "His whereabouts were somewhat circumspect" I think meaning "suspicious."

Anyway...just checked on you one more time before I do stuff instead of checking my sick self in to bed.

THE ANKLE: Who CARES if they try to make you take the boot off? YOU are the one with the pain receptors and they need to respect your opinion, right?

SIMPLE QUESTION: Can you just put TAPE on top of the patches to keep 'em in place? Is your clothing rubbing them off?

You're a step above most people in so many ways...and IRONING is one of them! :)

Please shoot me a word sometime, o.k.??

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