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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't make sense

You'll notice the marked decrease in posts this weekend. As of now toojust not able to make a post make sense. The Vicodin helps the pain, but I'm groggy and it doesn't take it totally away. I was still awake much of last night, and not only awake but confused. I did things like take the battery out of my clock and unplug it rather than just turn the alarm switch off, and I think I took 2 doses of Vicodin very close together out of confusion about what time it was. Which is probably why I feel odd this afternoon still.

Otherwise? My ankle hurts. I finally got the nerve up to look at it and no wonder, it's pretty ugly. I just took a shower, which was difficult and hurt. I can walk short distances now without crutches as long as I wear shoes. My patch from yesterday disappeared.

I'm having trouble not stewing over input I got yesterday from my supervisor that I don't agree with. She's criticizing the way I've done things for the whole time I've done this, and it's a way that works for me and has always seemed to work for my patients. At this point I plan to just let it go for a couple weeks then she'll be on maternity leave and then not the manager anymore if I'm even still there when she returns, and to remember that she has a habit of trying to tell people how to do things when she's not even qualified to do them (she's a PT assistant with no trouble telling me how to do OT; I ignore that a lot). But yesterday just wasn't the best day to hear criticism, especially by the time she got around to it. I'd been in serious pain for 24 hours by then (no Vicodin until like 9 pm last night), and this could have waited. But she's been kind of grouchy herself, which makes sense since she's as pregnant as someone can possibly be, and she lacks tact at her best. Plus she tends to get mad about things like me getting sick or spraining my ankle. And I'm in no place to listen to her well since I'm still furious that she didn't bother to take the 1 minute to fax in my timesheet while I was sick so that I missed a paycheck. Nor did she ever apologize for that.

So anyway, not my best day ever and I can't even begin to really make sense about much.

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