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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Debt to Society

I am listening to a book by Ann(ie?) Lamott right now. There was a line in there that struck home, meaning that for someone on psychotropics for serious conditions every time we take those pills we are making a contribution to society.

I have to get my Emsam at one specific pharmacy because most places don't stock it. I probably could find a 2nd one, but this place has treated me extremely nicely since day one. So I've moved all my scripts there and just have to pick up refills after seeing Dr. Mind.

I just spent $450 on meds. That is the out of pocket part. And it's not even all the meds; I have at least $125 more every 3 months, plus I'm on vitamins out of pocket, even though Vit. D is actually something I take because of prescription needs. Plus another $17 on intense lotion and cotton gloves to keep it on me at night. My birthmark is cracking open from alcohol use at work and I got prescription cream for it, but he suggested doing this as well. I've never actually succeeded at this, I rip the gloves off unless I tape them down, but I also need to not let this get worse. One open area already means I could have 12 in a few more days.

The awesome thing that came of an incredibly busy day (I literally was busy from 4 AM until a few minutes before 10) was that I saw Dr. Body to talk about my visit with the dr. about my bladder. He agrees that I don't have any great need to specifically know what my kidney cyst is all about and so as long as I agree to have ultrasounds annually to be sure it isn't growing or getting weird I don't have to see the other dr. recommended by the first. I'm fine with not knowing; I've known I've had this thing for a long time and I don't care.

And now I need to go. I can't think anymore. Today I spent a long time on my schedule, saw my first patient, drove around 250 miles, got new lenses for my glasses and new sunglasses, picked up a huge package of new-to-me-scrubs, didn't go home, drove to the podiatrist for a new brace, drove to Dr. Body's office, then Dr. Mind, then the pharmacy. I came home, showered, and threw the new scrubs in the washer, ate dinner and took pills and am now about ready to sleep. Getting up is going to be hard tomorrow.......

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