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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whatever doesn't kill you.....

Better make you stronger. Because these last few days have lacked fun.

My accident with the MAOI hasn't had any major repercussions. However, I just haven't felt very good. My blood pressure has been up and down, sometimes very down, and I've just not felt fabulous as the stuff worked its way out of my system. I put a patch on yesterday but wound up skipping it today because I woke up feeling rotten and took my BP and found it was incredibly low, even for me and I run low normally. So tonight I'll put the lower dose back on, and then Thursday I'll go back to my real dose.

I didn't get the email from Dr. Brain telling me I might want to wait until today to try a patch until it was too late, so yesterday was apparently just too soon. I don't want to go without overnight because it affects my sleep.

I did actually write a blog that refused to publish. But mostly I've been resting. I don't know why the effects of this for me were to take away every ounce of energy, but it was. Hopefully that is over now.

I'll also admit that I've been caught up in reading my own blog. That sounds rather self-centered, but really it has to do with looking at some things again from a different perspective, and also gaining more perspective on my own state now as opposed to a few years ago. That's really important for me right now because it's time to get back to work on stuff with Dr. Mind and I need to see how I'm in an even better place right now to handle that than I was 3 months ago.

And I just got home and have to take meds, switch over some laundry, and feed my STARVING cats. I also need to pack for being in the place I work overnight tomorrow. Some of that can be done in the morning, but some needs done now so I don't have to rush if I feel bad in the morning again.

More tomorrow.

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Michal Ann said...

Good update. I like your insights about "perspective" and I'm glad you have your blog journal as a record. Blessings!