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Sunday, May 30, 2010

So much STUFF

I am not a very sentimental person, in general. I hate clutter. I throw away birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. If I buy a souvenir somewhere it will always be clothing. I am not one to change decor and I really don't have a lot of ornamental stuff. I don't really decorate for holidays. This all has a lot to do with time and energy; I know that if I have stuff I have to care for it and I just can't handle that a lot of the time.

However, in the 7 years since I moved here, I've been so sick that I've not been very good at getting rid of things if it involved any effort on my part. This has resulted in my having tons of books, clothes, one used items, and things I no longer need.

Having a yardsale is beyond my abilities. I've tried to donate some of the (no kidding at least 200 books) I've had sitting around needing new homes for years to the library but even that is too much. Finally a great opportunity arose: a sign in the post office for a yard sale to benefit NAMI that they would pick the things up. Well, that has all sorts of benefits. All I have to do is box things. It benefits a cause I believe in. I don't have to do the actual selling. And I have tons of new space in my house.

NAMI isn't going to know what hit them. I have an embarrassing amount of stuff to give away. And they aren't even taking clothing........I hope she has a truck when she comes tomorrow.......

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