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Saturday, May 29, 2010


One of the things all the meds I've been on has taught me is to never expect to know what side effects were/are associated with whatever med I happen to be on. And often they have the same potential side effects.

One side effect I've really struggled with for years, especially since the onset of diabetes insipidus, is heat sensitivity. I have not been able to be outside in the summer for more than a few minutes for so many years I can't remember, unless it happens to be a cool day. I've always immediately turned bright red from my chest up, felt dizzy and exhausted and sick. I've noticed this last week as it was 90 degrees and I was in and out all day that I wasn't having trouble as long as I kept sucking down bottles of water. (This new job actually lets me stay MORE hydrated than in the past.)

Today was quite warm. I don't know the high and am too tired to look it up. It had to have been in the high 80s though. I've been trapped inside completely at 80 degrees and only comfortable at 75 or lower for years.

I was outside painting for hours. I had no problems until the end when it hit and I got quite tired. (I actually took a 4 hour nap afterward). I suspect partially this was not drinking enough water and partially the normal result of sun.

I'm still on meds with all kinds of sun warnings. However, since last summer I've come off of 2 meds that had a lot of sun warnings and apparently those were the worse for me because today was the first time I've been able to do something like that in YEARS.

Plus, it looks SO nice. My new windows go in this week and they are also going to put on the new shutters I bought a couple years ago that haven't gotten put on. (The first year they were back-ordered through November and last year I never had time). I now have a beautifully painted porch, doors, and trim thanks to my mother and her friend who gave me time and help as Christmas gifts. There also was this decorative trim that I always found hideous. It turns out it was up there to prevent you seeing a mistake (modus operandi for building this house). We repaired the mistake and it is SO NICE to not have that ugly stuff (it looked like 3/4 of a wagon wheel with extra decorations around it.) My mom is going to help with the porch floor tomorrow evening, and then when the shutters and new windows are in I'm going to come home Wednesday to a totally new-looking house. I am so excited. The new windows haven't seemed real because I've been waiting on the list for so long to get to installation (they have to be made as they are made to fit my window spaces exactly and then there is scheduling to get you in). But it is finally time. Yay!

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