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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ewww..........(and yay)

Ewww is the sound of seeing what my new vacuum picked up from an allegedly clean floor. It's not been long since I did this room and the new one filled half the canister. Nasty. But at least it works. I was given gift certificates (homemade) to use for a housekeeper, per my request, for Christmas. But I never got around to it and now suddenly I don't need it; I can keep the house clean on my own. The first time I used a vacuum was a huge deal; I had not done that in years, relying on my mother. So the vacuum I had was very old, heavy, didn't do a great job, and I knew that I soon would want something else anyway because I'm hoping to switch to laminate floors in the near future and that one wasn't safe for them. So I did a ton of research on what vacuum is quietest and rather than having to buy the Dyson I was fearing paying for I found this Hoover model that has a "hush" mode that makes it more manageable. Hush is relative, but it is better by 1ox than the old one.

Yay is the realization my depression is lifting, the anxiety is somewhat improved, and I'm not cycling anymore. I have a long way to go before we celebrate recovery, but I'm not scared of myself anymore.

So, things are looking up. Thank God, because I truly couldn't take much more.

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Teri said...

Very good! I seem to have stablilzed being on Lamictal, but there's still that cycling, just not as severe. Oh, I think I was able to function so much better before being diagnosed and before the meds......what a vicious circle!