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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This proves it

We've known I'm extremely sensitive to meds. It has not been so much of an issue in the last few years, but if you read 2006-2007 you can get a taste, and 2002-2006 was really the time with meds, most of which is before the blog started or before I was as open. Again, the summary that makes it easiest is: I've been on over 45 meds in 8 years. I did not find an effective combination until 7 months ago, although I've been getting closer for the last couple years. But my sensitivities have been truly incredible at times. One drug, Abilify, illustrates this well. My doctor wanted to try it when it was still pretty new. I believe it was my first anti-psychotic. She suspected I would be sensitive to it and started me at 1/8th of a normal start dose, something that had to be ordered. After 1 or maybe 2 pills I had so much of a reaction I would up in the ER being checked for MS, followed by a 4 week period of constant double vision and the need to be constantly in motion (akasthesia). For all those weeks I was dependent on my mother to take me places, buy me food, etc (I was far too agitated to be in a store). I did therapy over the phone and I spent much of my time home, waiting to be able to see well again. I'm still thankful she was so insightful as a full dose might have me still reacting, 6 years later.

As part of treating my messed up foot my doctor had a medication compounded with a high dose of topical hydrocortisone, a muscle relaxant, an anti-inflammatory and something else I forget. This stuff is applied in a light coat to my foot 2-3 times per day. Except for me it's once, because that tiny amount of steroid keeps me awake. Tonight I'm awake because I never slowed down all day, but I've lost a lot of sleep on the 2 nights I've used that stuff.

So now I have to have an MRI and the word surgery came up again, except not about my ankle, now my other foot is at risk of carving. I couldn't do the MRI for a month, so hopefully as I'm off my feet less with the new job I'll start to heal.

This is one of those times I'm abruptly leaving for sleep...


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Just Me said...

I realize you are trying to use my blog to advertise and you will be deleted tomorrow, but I'm so glad that you are happy I'm in pain and unable to treat it. That IS very nice. If you are a SADIST........Thanks spambot.