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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I have discovered.......

the dumbest thing that makes me homesick for working.  I own a LOT of water bottles, mostly the aluminum kind with no BPA as well as a few BPA free plastic ones that I don't like as much because they require freezing some water to stay cool at all.  The collection of bottles grew as home health became part of my life and I realized the difference between bothering to fill a ton of bottles every night and throw them in a cooler and paying for water or going without when it was too rural.  I drink so much that it was easy to invest in many bottles.

A few were in the cabinet and the rest were, I thought, stored in the cooler.  Yesterday I needed a clean one and took one from the cooler.  This is how I discovered the bottles in there are still full.  They are a preparation made for my last day of work and not needed because I spent that day with the office water cooler.

I dumped the bottle I used last night.  I have a few more to go.  And once again it feels like I'm moving further away from where I'd love to be.

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