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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If someone does something you don't like, search for mental illness. Any mental illness.

Last remote post for now.
I just posted about everyone in the blog scams being called all kinds of mentally ill and hearing all sorts of "lock 'em up" comments that sting.  Well, here's a new one:
Notice that they couldn't even get someone to comment, they just pulled a few quotes off WebMD.  Histrionic personality disorder does not create child molesters.  There is not a single mental illness that does.  Yes, I believe someone has some problem to molest children and yet I do not think it is mental illness.  Mental illness does not make someone do something. The majority of the time the molester has done a geat deal of planning that just isn't possible with psychosis.  I am 100% certain of this having had psychotic symptoms.  Mine aren't even that bad relatively and I lose abilities to function normally.   A person who is psychotic and hallucinating may do what the hallucinations tell them to do and I suppose that could be molest a child.  But chances are prettty good that a person who is hallucinating/psychotic doesnt have the capacity to plan how to do this repeatedly or even to avoid rapidly being caught.  The simple truth is that pedophilia would be a diagnosis if it were an illness.  And as far as a personality disorder goes, well, they may cause the person to behave inappropiately but the person is in full control of their actions.   "ooh, I want attention" is a far cry from what is involved in molesting a child.
There are things that I do/have done that were my illness, not my choice.  But every one of things is somethig that I remain responsible for and I have apologized to a lot of peope for making bad decisions when handling something while manic.  Now I am generally able to not react until I have some time to settle down, but aside from doing things when psychotic they are still my responsibility.
This is truly the dumbest defense ever, and it once again is a case of mental illness is made to look bad, despite the fact that the vast majority of people with mental illnesses hurt nobody.

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Michal Ann said...

Thanks, Jen. Enlightening as always.