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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do something for me. Please.

The first year I was in grad school there was a bone marrow drive on campus. It was easy enough, just a blood sample (now that's not even needed), and I was on the registry. Over the years they occasionally send paperwork to make sure you haven't moved. I've faithfully sent this in. I got my update last week and when I did the confirmation there was a page to fill in if you have potential health issues that might preclude donation.

Today I got an email that I am no longer eligible to donate. I don't know if it is the meds, an assumption that I can't pass a psychological exam, or the potential effects of the meds on my kidneys and liver, but I can't donate.

I always hoped I could. There are so many ways I cannot give back to the world and this was one way I thought I could. I am very sad about this.

So, please, next time you see a sponsored drive, please sign up. It's free if you go during a drive usually, and all that is taken is a swab of your cheek. If you sign up then at least you might replace me on the list. I hate the idea that someone might have matched me and my stuff isn't good enough anymore.

Thank you.


Holly said...

I'm in. I will seek out a drive as soon as school is out for the summer and register in your honor! I think all my drugs would pass the "test."

Michal Ann said...

I can't donate blood either and JUST found out that I can't give organs either. As you know, I was diagnosed with M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) but I certainly don't understand why a neurological disease would prevent donation of blood or organs. They're so badly needed.

When I was turned away at the Blood Drive, I felt sort of "unclean" and frustrated. I finally got brave enough to offer my tiny veins...and was rejected!

Now THAT hurt!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry. I'm registered and got a call once as a potential for someone - I was one of two - but the other person worked out.

I understand that you are sad about this because I feel that way about not being able to donate a kidney, but realize that I contribute to the greater good in other ways. Just like you!

Julia said...

I am registered and was called once but I was one of two possibles and the other was better.

I'm sorry you aren't able to donate because I feel that way about my kidney...but I also realize that I contribute other ways. Just like you.