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Monday, April 26, 2010

MAOIs and everything

When you go on an MAOI you have to learn a lot of restrictions. There are foods you can't have (there's a big list; for me the only real losses are cheese and soy, but if you eat differently than I do (did) then that can be hard. There are meds you can't have. Anesthesia becomes a nightmare. In fact it is so difficult that when I have my cystoscopy procedure done, assuming my psychiatrist is listened to, I will probably have a large dose of IV valium rather than traditional meds simply because it is safe and we know I'm sensitive enough that a good sized dose will put me out nicely. But it means you have to be ready to sit in the ER in terrible pain and refuse morphine until it is cleared because you can't remember if it is safe, and it also means that you have to be prepared to fight. (When I sprained my ankle badly I also skinned my knee. The doctor asked how long it had been since I had a tetanus shot and since it's been a very long time he wanted to give me one. I refused, but had to have quite a battle over it. Tetanus shots themselves aren't the issue, but I am highly allergic to them and can only be given them with a crash cart ready. Because the meds used to save you from that kind of allergic reaction are ones that can kill you if you are on an MAOI I would also need to be hooked up to an IV with meds to lower my BP at the ready. Therefore I am NOT getting a tetanus shot unless it is vital to my survival, I certainly am not getting one at urgent care, and a skinned knee won't be the cause. But it was a fight).

Today I had a filling done. I had called in to the dentist to inform them that I'm on the MAOI and can't have epinephrine in my numbing shots. He did research and I can have a tiny amount, so I got one shot with and one shot without. And everyone watched carefully to be sure I didn't die or anything.

It is so weird to have psych meds affect the dentist so much. But in reality they affect dental stuff about as much as anything else since my meds/dry mouth are really hard on my teeth.

Now if only the numbing would go away. I have a great Elvis sneer going. Thankfully I don't eat things that require chewing so I have been able to eat normally for me, but I do not like the sensation, especially since right now some of my nose is numb.

I left the windows open today. Bad move. My house is frigid. I have got to start checking the weather daily. I think that is the only thing I miss about TV. That and just the feeling of fitting in; it's strange when everyone at work talks about American Idol or Dancing with the Stars and I have never seen a single episode of either.

Anyway, time for more soup to try to warm up. I want to do things NOT under the covers.........

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Jean Grey said...

I remember life on MAOI's. I didn't mind the food restrictions that much, but I was always afraid that the dentist would kill me by mistake when I needed a filling. Taking an MAOI- living life on the edge! Oh, I loved Parnate. It was the best antidepressant I ever took. Until it all went really bad.