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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The freaking out? It must end

I've written at least 2 posts and 2 emails this weekend about my panic over my bite guard. I have torn my room apart, gone through old trash bags (ewwwww....), dumped all the laundry bins and shaken every item, folded every item that was clean after shaking it, and crawled all over the place with a flashlight.

Keep in mind that because I do throw this thing it is not always where it should be. However, it has never been anywhere other than wrapped up in the sheets or under my bed. Therefore I checked both of those places many times. (Funnily enough, the only time it has ever been where it was supposed to be consistently was in the hospital. Apparently fear of that filthy floor kept it in my mouth. Of course I had to specifically ask for it, as they wrote down "retainer" on my admission list and then didn't give it to me. Because a "retainer" (without wires) is first good to not use for a week to 10 days, and 2nd because it could hurt me? I swear, next time I am going with a list in the suitcase of "I need this because ____".

Funnily enough, on my "I give up" last look under the bed, there it was. Right where I'd ignored it at least 10 other times. (No exaggeration). So now it is clean and waiting to go into my mouth, then tomorrow it has to go to the dentist with me so that if my filling changes anything it can be re-adjusted.

I have got to CALM DOWN. I am going to make myself absolutely crazy if I don't.

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