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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A small sample

I think this describes my recent anxiety as well as anything possibly could.

I am supposed to wear a bite guard because I grind my teeth in my sleep and have cracked a number of them, one clear to the bone. Lately I haven't been wearing it as much, partly because I haven't seemed to be grinding as much and partly because I haven't been falling asleep in a very controlled way so it just hasn't been put in (I have to wait until I'm pretty sleepy because otherwise it gags me).

Friday I realized my teeth were hurting, so I was going to be sure to put it in when I went to bed. However, I couldn't find it. Now, this happens. Sometimes when I wear it I remove it in my sleep and throw it or stuff it somewhere. Or it falls off things and is hard to see since it's clear. Normally I would just figure I'd find it in the morning. But I could not let it go, and so I spent nearly 2 hours searching for this thing that wasn't totally necessary instead of sleeping.

I still haven't found it and it is now becoming an obsession. Practically this makes sense as the thing is expensive and is an out-of-pocket expense, and I already have a ton of medical bills between my hospital bill and my orthotics, and will have more with this upcoming test I'm supposed to have. So spending $400 on another bite guard is a lot. However, chances are pretty good it is going to turn up.

Yet I cannot stop obsessing..........

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