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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Maybe you can figure this out

First, if you have not seen the post before this, please scroll down.

Second, in my bedroom there is a weird smell.  I have spent WAY too much time smelling things and deciding it is the ___________ only to be wrong.  Here are the details:

  • I can only smell it when I'm on my bed, mostly facing one way
  • Moving my bed did not help
  • All bedding is innocent and rewashed this week to be sure
  • An open window dissipates it a lot
  • I have burrowed my nose into the carpet and unless there is a specific smelly spot I haven't found it isn't that although it is still the chief suspect.  I have sprayed the carpet with the best smell remover I have.
  • I have cleaned the vent.  I do not think that it is further vent grossness since the stuff I pulled up was nasty but not smelly in this way.
  • I scrubbed the bedside table, in case.
  • I see nothing and like I said I can't even pinpoint it.  I've considered that it is some bush but it seems like I'd smell that when mowing (duh, I wear a mask so I would not).
It is making me crazy.  It's not that awful but I do want rid of it. 


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rachelle said...

im rachelle and i DID NOT SAY THAT MASTER OF IRONY i actually love your blog someone hacked it i think

Michal Ann said...

What's going on here???

Hacked your blog? How does that happen?

Where are people coming from? I've never seen reference to so many commenters...

UGH indeed.

ROTTEN SMELL: Sounds like you're doing all you can. My medical theory is "either it will get better or it will get worse." Soo..if the smell gets worse you may be able to find it and if it doesn't, it might go away.

I hate to think that there could be something dead somewhere but it happens that critters die in crawl spaces or whatever. My grandma lived on the lake and her house started filling with flies. Turns out that there was a dead duck in her chimney. And the chances....?

I will check in tomorrow.

Bless your heart! Michal

Anonymous said...

It looks like I missed something weird that went on here? Good to see that all looks under control now.

Jen, what kind of "weird" is this smell? Like, rotten? Or, animal related? Or, fumey?