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Friday, May 11, 2012

Smell explained

I have neighbors who have yet to speak to me since I moved here, nearly 9 years ago.  Our interactions have been limited to the woman glaring at me when I told her dog to stop barking at me because I was in MY yard, and a few weeks ago she stared openly at me while I mowed my lawn for some time.  I don't know if she was staring at my allergy mask, or me, or what, but it was weird.  Oh, and once their presumed grandchildren threw a rock at my window and I yelled at them.

They also tend to be very rude.  There backyard is about 2 yards from my bedroom in some places.  But they have never been polite about proximity, and seem to prefer to use my side of their yard more than the other, distant from the next house, side.

I finally realized yesterday that first the smell was gone with the window closed and second it smelled like compost.  Today I opened the window and the smell returned.  And I've been waiting to feel wetll enoughto check out their yard when I overheard them (loudly as per usual) discussing their new garden (I wondered what this mound of dirt that looks like a grave was) and how it was going to be healthy and organic.  So I am going to assume that I'm smelling compost.  If I can prove this I may anonymously send them literature on  proper composting techniques and placement of composted material to prevent your neighbors from hating you.

I'm just so glad it is not ME.

I have other things to say but not enough energy to put them together well.  So  more to come.  Tomorrow is Dr. Brain and then we're having a mother's day picnic.  So very long day anticipated given the whole wiped out from strep thing.
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